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Ridlins Stadium

Stevenage and North Herts athletics club are based at Ridlins Stadium in Stevenage, offering Track & Field, Road Running and Cross Country.

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Offering coaching to all discipline with training nights on Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Sunday Mornings.

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Competing in a combined men & womens track and field team, young athletes league, cross county leagues and county, regional and national championships competitions.

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We have a wealth of volunteers from coaches, officials, committee members and helpers and welcome additional support.

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For all of the latest news on Athletes, Coaching, Officials and everything else Stevenage & North Herts Athletics


All of the latest events are kept up to date on our fixtures page. Have a look to see what is happening.


For all of the latest updates and results click the picture above.


If you want find out more about athletics, coaching, officiating or want to get into Athletics you will find all of the information here.

Athletics is not just good for the legs but is also good for the soul - Mind you, you should always listen to your coaches or it may become bad for the legs and damage the pride - Barry Mainstone - March 2013.