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Going Cashless


Saturday 17th April 2021

During the Pandemic the Club has had to change the way it has functioned for many years. Queuing to register and paying cash to use the track was no longer an option. Just before the Pandemic forced ‘lock down’ Stevenage Community Trust helped the Club find a company who were prepared to provide the Club with a Computer for the Office. Formula One Autocentres Ltd provided the Club with a reconditioned computer, monitor, mouse and then kindly set it up. This meant the Club were able to start the move to a safer more secure way of operating.

The pandemic has yet again forced the Club to review the way it operates. Taking cash and relying on a volunteer to ‘man the office’ at all sessions is no longer a viable option. England Athletics advice to all Clubs – no cash. The next move Embrace Technology!

We are now in the process of setting up an Online Shop where all Club transactions will take place. Thanks to a grant just announced from Stevenage Community Trust the Club has the funds to add a new section to the website. Hopefully by early July membership, track fees, SNHAC clothing, entries to the Club Championships, tickets for awards night will all be possible via an online shop. A card machine will be available at Home matches to pay for refreshments.

Later this year it is hoped that WiFi will be available at the stadium, making matches and photo finish easier to run.

Photo Finish, Hardship Funding, Coaching Courses, Disability Athletics Equipment have all been beneficiaries of Stevenage Community Trust generosity in the past and yet again the Trust is proving valuable support for the Club and the Community.