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Coaching in the park – the new normal!


Small group training in the parks has become the new normal for many athletes from Stevenage and North Herts Athletic Club.

The Club Coaches can now take five athletes at a time and have set up sessions across parks in Stevenage, Hitchin, Letchworth and Shefford. The sprints squad have been active on Windmill Hill in Hitchin, making use of the slope to provide tough sessions. The endurance group are working in Ridlins Park along with the long jump and triple squad. Combined events and pole vault squads are active in Shefford. Pole vault drills are entertaining the dog walkers where all aspects of the vault apart from the jump can be practised. By using a home-made box even the plant and take-off can be replicated! The younger athletes are moving from Zoom sessions to the park with their coaches this week. With guidelines only allowing 5 athletes at a time, several coaches are still providing Zoom circuit sessions. These have proved highly amusing, with some athletes using bags of flour for weights, with coaches attempting to demonstrate a wide variety of activities.

It is hoped that the track in Stevenage will open early August, but training will initially be by invitation as only 25 athletes and 5 coaches will be able to take part in each session!

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