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Second place finish for the SAL team at Home.


Twenty Eight SNHAC Vets/Seniors/U20/U17 Athletes covered as many events as possible on Saturday to ensure a healthy points score and match result in the Southern Athletic League. League leaders Brighton and Hove won with 234 Points, SNHAC 208, Havering 196 and Ryston 94.
In the women’s competition U17’s Lucy Baverstock and Corazon Da’silva won A and B 200m – 27.16 and 27.90. Aimie Taylor won the PV -2m80. Kerry Murch won the A SP, DT, JT and B HT- 10m55, 32m02, 38m and 26m89. Kerry also came 2nd the 400H and B 110H. Libby Taylor won the A HT B SP and DT. Jenny Cotter won the B 2k SC having run 100m, 1500m and 3000m.
In the men’s competition U20 Jacob Kinchin-Smith ran a PB of 22.2 to win the 200m. There were A string wins in the PV and LJ for Dylan Baines -3m40 and 6m31. Chris Westcott won the B 1500m, Adam Searle the B 400H and 2k SC and Bobby Pitman B PV. It was lovely to see Oscar Jopp dropping in during his 12 day visit from the USA, putting on a Club Vest and competing in the JT, DT and SP. Contributing to the great team effort were Alex Pickard, Adam Price, Rhys Williams, Prince Onwuegbuzie, Jake Sutton, Jamie Joseph, Tyler Wannerton, William Galliford, Barry Mainstone, Steve Feely, Steve Mayfield, Shannon Rapacchi, Kirsten Morley, Sandra Reed and Chris Feely. Many thanks to all the Clubs volunteers who helped with officiating, photo finish, results, refreshments and Ray from SBC who ensured the stadium was in tip top condition and worked tirelessly through the day.
In another first for the Club results were processed remotely. Results manager Paul Morris tested positive for COVID during the week so using the Clubs WiFi, results were sent to Paul at home from the photo finish area. Match results were available at the end and could be accessed via a QR code on the Club’s Facebook page.