Scott’s Travel Midweek League 4 Royston

Stevenage and North Herts move up to sixth in Scott’s Travel Midweek League at Royston

Stevenage and North Herts AC’s road runners went into the final scoring race of the Scott’s Travel Midweek 10k season knowing they needed a good performance to ensure a top 6 finish in the league. Missing several key runners it was left to Paul Spicer to lead the team home in  71st place with a time of 44 minutes 30 seconds. Exactly  a minute later Martin Reed came home in 82nd place, with Trevor Mason given the same time in 83rd. Only just behind, making their midweek league debuts, were Liam Gregory (87th, 45 minutes 40 seconds) and James Bedall (88th, 45 minutes 41 seconds). One place behind them was Paul Pickard (89th, 45 minutes 48 seconds). Despite suffering an injury at 2km Phil Eaton was next to cross the line in 46 minutes 50 seconds and 98th place.Tony Carolan finished the race in 132nd (50 minutes 45 seconds). The men’s team was completed by Graham Spicer ( 151st, 55 minutes 30 seconds), Paul Keeble (159th, 59 minutes 10 seconds) and Mark Pinney (160th, 59 minutes 36 seconds). Overall, the men finished in 7th place.

For the women Georgia Reed led the way to finish in 46th (51 minutes 16 seconds). With a time of 52 minutes 36 seconds, Lisa Liversidge was next back in 52nd place. Just over 20 seconds behind was Charlie Duke (56th, 52 minutes 57 seconds). Lisa Barber ran nearly 10 minutes quicker than the previous race in Harlow to finish in 55 minutes 15 seconds for 69th place. Next home was Julie Mason (77th, 58 minutes 5 seconds), followed by Hayley Duke (84th, 59 minutes 38 seconds) and Cathy Reed (86th, 59 minutes 53 seconds). Like the men the women also finished the night in 7th place.

In the end the team comfortably scored the points needed to move into the top 6 overall. This has been just the club’s third year in the competition and has seen more runners complete more races than previous years, with the team achieving their best score to date. The season ends with the mobmatch in 2 weeks time with the chance to race against division one and two clubs. The club is hoping for a good turn out for the final fixture.