Results 28th Feb and 1st March 2015

Results 31st Feb and 1st March          
Venue Athlete Age Event Result Pos
EA Age Group Champs Will Marklew U20 60H 8.90(h)  6th
Sheffield Nathan Gardner U20 PV 4m40  
  Max Price U17 60H 8.47(h) 8.34(f) 2nd
      LJ 6m52 4th
      HJ 1m81  
  Bethany Harley U17 60H 9.90(h)  
  Kit Kerr U15 60H 9.46(h)  
      LJ 5m22  
British Masters Challenge Chris Feely V50 400m 72.9  
Lee Valley          
Lee Valley Minithon Lucy Taylor 200m 32.2    
    600m 1.55.0    
    LJ 3m82    
  Bluebell Cook 60m 9.4    
    600m 2.02.00    
    LJ 2m79    
  Archie Cook 60m 9.7    
    200m 35.6    
    LJ 2m82